Tracking Mileage For Taxes

Well, it’s that time of year, taxes.  And for all of us that are self-employed, it’s also that wonderful time to figure out what’s deductible, and among other things, how much we drove in 2014.  We know how many miles we put on our vehicles (agents and inspectors), but that doesn’t include other mileage that could also be deductible.  I recently had a friend forward me a tax blog that talked about a new app that keeps track of your mileage.  I thought it might be interesting to try.  It’s called MileIQ.
Here’s one of the ways the CPA, Jody Jordan, claims she uses the app to track her own mileage, “I keep MileIQ running in the background on my iPhone. It detects all my drives from start to stop. At the end of the drive, I swipe the screen to classify the drive as Personal or Business.”
If you add up the times that we have deductible expenses, this could be technology that makes tax season a bit easier.  It’s also a free app which is a bonus.  If you want to read the blog and advice from this CPA (and how she suggest using the app), click here.