Rapid City Home Inspection Safety Procedures


Home Inspection Safety And Procedures In Rapid City

Several times a week an agent, a buyer or a seller will ask why we did or didn’t perform a certain task. These questions present good opportunities for education and clarification. Our inspection procedures are not only designed to provide the best inspection in the industry, but these procedures also keep us physically safe and/or protect us from liability.

There is one basic rule for safety: Never place yourself in any situation that will compromise your ability to continue working. Steep roofs are a good example of ahb-services potentially dangerous situation, especially if the weather is not ideal here in Rapid City. Crawl spaces, especially older and tight crawl spaces can be very dangerous. And probably the most potential for danger is the electrical box, which holds currents that could easily kill anyone that doesn’t follow safety guidelines. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner (or a poorly trained electrician) to modify a panel and wiring in a manner that stops me from proceeding with that part of the inspection.

Sometimes we cannot check something in the home due to a piece of furniture. For example, while I have no problem moving certain items to gain access to an area (a couch or chair for instance), I cannot move a full china cabinet or a book case. They are heavy and I certainly don’t want to break anything inside trying to move it.

While most inspections are pretty standard, there will always be a small element of the unknown in every home I inspect. And if a situation presents itself that might cause a safety or liability issue I’ll certainly communicate that to everyone involved and see if we can’t come to a solution that is acceptable to everyone. I hope this general overview might provide some insight into the inspection process. Have questions? Call me and I’ll be happy to explain in greater detail.