The Home Inspection Process

American West Inspections will document our findings in a clear and concise manner. Giving your client only the facts. We’ve found this to be the best method in helping the client understand the property and make an educated decision regarding the purchase of their new home.

All of our inspection reports will include relevant photos and even illustrations to help explain a certain component or system to you and your client.

Why Keith & Liz Runquist?

Because they understand every aspect of the real estate transaction requires hard work, dedication, and concentration on every detail from all parties involved.

They have a proven record of prompt response and reliable service. This is one of several reasons we are one of the most referred inspection firms in the Rapid City area and beyond.

We arrive on time, are professionally dressed and concentrate on absolute customer satisfaction. The real estate market is tough and we understand you are working hard to build a relationship with your client and our goal is to make that process a little easier for you.

The Bottom Line

American West will go through every aspect of the report in a non-alarming manner to make you and your clients more informed regarding their home purchase and make the homebuyers feel safe, comfortable, protected and glad they worked with you.